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Massage Services

Studio Sessions

In our studios we offer 60, 75 and 90 minute sessions, (Please see rates page).  The massage is an eclectic mix of a number of modalities with in a very effective sequence that has been developed over 20 years of practicing therapeutic massage.  If you have specific areas that need more attention, they will be evaluated and worked into an overall integrated treatment.  Unlike physical therapy, we are allowed to approach the body holistically.  Pain in the left shoulder might, (for example), be addressed by working on the right hip, or by stretching the neck. 


We use only 100% cotton sheets and blankets.  We use "Bio Tone" massage oils or lotions exclusively, either fragrance free or with natural high quality essential oils for our custom blends. 

We have one of the largest music choices from "new age" and classical, to quiet jazz, native American and eastern influenced sounds along with high quality sound systems to deliver music in each treatment room. 

Our massage tables are of the highest quality and we use "tempurpedic" soft conforming viscoelastic foam face cradles on all our tables for the most comfortable support.

Gift Certificates

What better gift than the gift of healing touch?  Massage is a unique gift that holds space for a person to receive, revitalize, give back to themselves when they all too often consider themselves last.  Give the Gift of massage to friends, relatives, loved ones, business associates, preferred customers, IN-Laws...Occasions might include Birthdays, Rights of Passage, Christmas, Anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day Secretaries Day, Graduation, Valentines Day; To express Gratitude or Appreciation, or as a Wedding gift.

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In Home, Hotel, B&B or Boat Sessions

It is a wonderful experience to be able to roll off a massage table and not have to get into a car and go somewhere else to enjoy your massage euphoria.  We bring all the same quality massage table, linens, lubricants, and music (unless you supply your own system) for your massage experience along with a professional Licensed Massage Therapist.  (Please see rates page for prices). 

Chair Massage Services

Let us bring the chair massage on-site to your work place or event!  Our therapists have advanced training in chair massage techniques and deliver a very effective dry massage while individuals are fully clothed

Sessions usually run for 10 to 30 minutes and concentrate on head, neck, shoulders, back hips, arms, hands and upper shoulders.  This can increase productivity and a happier work environment through decreasing stress and increasing energy , clarity and a feeling of  well being.  In addition, through education and increased body awareness people can change postural and repetitive use patterns that can have long term negative effects.  (Please see rates page for prices)